Our Programs


For the average individual, the elite athlete, and everyone in between, we offer traditional CrossFit routines to help members reach their fitness goal. CrossFit workouts have varying exercises, are high intensity, and include a mixture of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. Everyone from the out of shape to the fitness oriented individual, the CrossFit program will prove to get the member where they want to be.


Olympic Weightlifting

We are specialists in the Olympic lifts, The Snatch (a movement where the individual lifts a barbell from the ground directly to the overhead position in one fluid motion) & the Clean + Jerk (a movement where the individual lifts a barbell from the ground to his/her shoulders, then after a short pause, proceeds to the overhead position). Of course the Olympic lifts are a highly technical and explosive movement to master. Our Olympic Weightlifting program is designed and directed by U.S. International Coach, Daniel Camargo. Unlike the traditional CrossFit programing, our Olympic Weightlifting workouts do not include Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance, or Stamina but rather focuses specifically on Strength, Flexibility, Power, Coordination, and the big one, TECHNIQUE!!!!! We also offer competitive opportunities for those individuals interested in tournaments whether at the local, national or all the way to the international level.


Boot Camp

We offer workouts with the same high intensity, interval, constantly varied, conditioning and functional movements as the traditional CrossFit program but without the use of heavy weights or barbells. Boot camp is excellent for those who want the same circuit feel of CrossFit and fat-burning benefits without the highly technical or complex movements. 


Crossfit kids

We are certified in CrossFit kids and offer fun, varied and safe workouts for children interested in fitness. These routines are shorter in duration and less frequent then the adult classes making them appropriate for youth. This program introduces CrossFit and its principles in a controlled and safe environment. 

CROSSFItters in training (cit)

We offer a program for individuals interested in taking their experience to a competitive level, we offer training times that have more volume of work per session and that targets mange of the challenges set at competitions. This program is designed to develop clients for performance and prepares them for compeitions at all leevels. We ensure that every session contains all the modalities used in CrossFit and pushes each client to reach their potential. 

Workouts are typically 1 to 1.5 hours containing warm up, strength, speed, and power building, then a cool down.